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Pharaoh’s Horses picture in the stairway…

Many people have asked us about the above picture which we have hanging in the stairway. The above photo was taken from a newsletter one of our members received, and the explanation is taken from the internet.

The story of Pharaoh’s Horses begins with the puzzling existence of two nearly identical paintings, one by a well-known British painter, John Fredrick Herring Sr. and the other by an unknown artist, which may pre-date the first by 100 years. The first was painted circa 1848 and is the basis for the modern day lithographs. The images became widely known as an engraving and marketing logo in America since the Civil War. The image was sold in the 1902 Sears catalog and found its way into many homes since.

Try “Googling” it on a web search engine as “The Pharaoh’s Horses” +picture and see what explanation you come up with.

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