Bus Tours and large groups over 20 people

During Lilac Days visit Hulda’s beautiful Victorian Home, redesigned Gift Shop, and Potting Shed. Stroll through the beautiful fragrant Gardens. Tour groups, destination tours, assisted living centers, retirement centers and other groups are welcome. Please schedule Bus Tours at least one week in advance. Email us at to arrange your tour, or call 360-225-8996 (phone messages monitored daily from February 1 through Mothers’ Day). Click for more information and tour details. The redesigned Gift Shop with wider aisles and many small items in a wide range of prices will make your tours more appealing.  Except for large groups over 40 people, all tours are self guided. Gate Fee is $5 per person.

Accessibility: The Gardens are wheelchair and walker accessible. The Victorian Home and Gift Shop are not wheelchair or walker accessible. A video in Hulda’s Potting shed continually plays a tour of Hulda’s home. All tours are self-guided.

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