Today In the Gardens

We will be updating TODAY IN THE GARDENS every few days from now until Mothers’ Day.

Lilac Days 2018  is  April 21 through May 13.  Currently a few of the early lilacs are blooming.  Many of the early lilacs and some Mid Season lilacs should be in bloom by the beginning of Lilac Days.  A guess is that the second week of Lilac Days may have the most lilacs in bloom – this is only a guess at this point.

In general, we cannot predict the weather or the beginning or end of peak bloom time each year. It completely depends on daytime and nighttime temperatures.

Volunteers continue their work around the Gardens  and are always happy to answer your questions.   Garden gate fee is $3 per person with children 12 and under free. During Lilac Days, Gate Fee is $5 per person with 12 and under free.

The Gift Shop, Potting Shed and Hulda’s Farmhouse are only open during Lilac Days.

Come see us in the Garden!  Visit the Gardens during any season to experience the special peace and beauty. The Gardens are open 10am to 4pm everyday all year long.


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